A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Office Management 101 is a satirical office life simulation game set in a fictional capitalistic dystopia.

Step over competitors, drive your staff to the limit and milk your customers for every penny in the pursuit of spiraling success!

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Alpha demo features

Try out a small bite-sized chunk of the game!
Recruit, underpay and overwork your workforce!
Master the art of Office Decoration!
Deliver contract work to Eccentric Entrepreneurs!
Read the snarky "CEO Weekly" newspaper articles!
Mod support and Twitch integration!


Website: OfficeManagement101.com
Twitter: @tulevikEU
Facebook: facebook.com/tulevikEU
E-Mail: support@officemanagement101.com

Install instructions

Extract the contents of the .zip file to a folder of your choice using a program like 7zip, WinRar or WinZip.


Alpha Demo 0.5.1 - Windows 74 MB
Alpha Demo 0.5.1 - Linux 78 MB


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How much do I adore management games? Let's just say I racked up an unholy amount of hours playing Sim City, Theme Park, Theme Hospital and Dungeon Keeper when I was a but a wee nipper!

Digression aside, this game made me feel right at home from the second I got started. It's got a very familiar and comfortable layout to it that makes it easy to get attached! I was at a loss a few times when I very first dove in, but I quickly got into the swing of things.

This is looking very well put-together so far, and since this is just a teaser alpha release I can imagine things are going to look even more amazing when the final release makes an appearance!

I am all in on this project, and will definitely be playing the finished product comes out. Keep up the awesome work everyone, this is a gem! =)


Pretty Good game! Nice Job!

Thank you! That's very kind of you :)

You are welcome. The demo is very good! I hope the full release game will be much better.

Very good game, but what do handy workers do??

Thank you! Handyworkers fix broken machines, since those deteriorate over time.

Thanks so much! This game is for sure a good challenge and one of the best games on itch!

Wow! I'm really flattered to hear you say that! Thank you!


Currently available playable Alpha Demo contains showcases some gameplay elements, but we have a lot more work left to do.

Here are some of the features we hope to add in the future (in no particular order):

  • Expanding offices to new buildings
  • Creating your own buildings
  • Changing wallpaper and floor tiles
  • Creating your own products and taking them to market
  • New jobs like researcher and marketer
  • Office disasters (flu, fire, etc.)
  • Having employees tinker with prototypes in the office instead of just working behind a computer
  • Meetings/conferences
  • More room types
  • More furniture
  • More perks for employees
  • More employee graphics and animations
  • Competing with other companies
  • Campaign mode with an overarching story taking place in various places around the fictional world
  • Freeplay/sandbox mode maps
  • Improved mod support
  • Office parties
  • Employees go on vacations
  • Overall improvements to various parts of the game
  • ...

Note that these plans may still change and we will also factor in player feedback.