This game was originally made in two weeks for the LOWREZJAM 2020 and then updated for MAGS August 2020 and then updated again to current 1.0 version. All versions are available for download. Version 1.0 adds some new interactions and animations, few additional puzzle elements and a more fleshed out fishing mini-game.

The game itself would be best described as an interactive experience with light puzzle elements, where you help an adventurer to prepare for a mysterious trip to the Land of the White Elephants.


Left click - move around, interact, use inventory items
Right click - put away inventory item


Move around with WASD keys
ESC - Main menu, close menus, skip animations
F5 -  Save menu
F7 -  Load menu
F9 -  Restart
F10 - Quit

Ctrl and Q - Instant quit
Alt and X - Abort game


Graphics, scripting, writing: Raimo Peterson
Music: Riho Peterson

AGS web port made possible thanks to Érico Porto:


Download 9 MB
Download 9 MB
Download 7 MB


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Music from the game

Very cutest game!!!!!

It was a small dot and the fox was fluffy!

Thank you!

Looks pretty good.  I'd like a Mac port.  If this is Unity, I could port it for you.

Thank you! The game is not made with Unity and unfortunately the engine we use does not natively support Mac.

congrats on the #1 rank for graphics in the lowrezjam! Great game!

Thank you! We weren't expecting that, but we're honored and moved that the game was received so positively.

Love it, it's a very nice and beautiful game, and you can pet the fox!